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Low Voltage Switchboards

Low Voltage Switchboards

CPS has provided a wide range of types of custom designed and built 450V low voltage switchboards to MIL spec. ABS-NVR and marine specifications.



CPS provides buswork and circuit breaker layouts based on the input power capacity of the ship’s power generating system.

450V marine COTS shock mitigated switchboards


This switchboard designs may utilize commercial circuit breakers, generator controls and components with welded or formed structures mounted on a custom designed shock mitigation platform utilizing wire wound stainless steel coil shock mounts.

450V marine switchboards


Switchboard designs can use ruggedized steel or aluminum frames, doors and panels. Designs can also include a dual redundant AVR voltage regulation scheme along with a synchronization and load sharing control system to facilitate automatic paralleling and load sharing between diesel generators.

Switchboards can also include a PLC based control scheme to allow for local and remote automated switchboard controls.

CPS switchboard designs can allow for different power feeds to be used such as MG sets for sensitive loads and ship service transformers for non-sensitive loads. Switchboards can also facilitate shore power connection.

CPS provides custom engineered buswork to meet the required main bus rating.

Switchboard designs can provide an interface and necessary controls for a  450V auxiliary diesel generator. The switchboard can allow for local and remote generator control and synchronization to the bus and to the rest of the ship.

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