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Control / Relay Panels

Control / Relay Panels

CPS has extensive experience designing and building a wide range of custom control and relay panels for a number of different ships and applications. CPS has the expertise to provide the exact features and capabilities to meet your needs.

Generator Control Panel


Panel can provide local and remote generator control and monitoring. Panel can also include a wide range of metering and monitoring of the generator including RTD and thermocouple inputs  monitoring cylinder temperatures along with bearings and other monitoring points.

MIL-spec control panels.

Control panels using MIL-spec switches, pushbuttons, indicator lights, and relays. Panels have been shock qualified per MIL-S-901D Grade A requirements.

MIL-spec relay panels

Relay panels using MIL-spec relays have been shock qualified per MIL-S-901D Grade A requirements.

Water Mist Fire Protection Supervisory and monitoring panels

Provides pump, valve and fan control for an emergency Water Mist fire protection system using coordinated PLC based automation of water pumps and motor operated valves.

marine Control Panels

CPS can provide various control panels in a range of sizes using commercial components, meters, relays, and switches for a wide range of applications including AFFF and damage control applications.


CPS can provide equipment modifications to adapt for Hi Shock or Vibration requirements.

Military Marine Equipment and Technology

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