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CPS engineering team can provide an array of various services to support new equipment design for marine applications.

CPS can also provide various engineering services on their own based on customer needs.

Grade A Shock Qualification

CPS engineering team has extensive experience designing , simulating and testing both large switchboard structures and small panels to
MIL-S-901D Hi-Shock requirements.CPS has developed shock mitigation platforms that reduces the g-forces seen by the equipment during the shock event.

Mechanical & Electrical Drafting

CPS engineering can provide AutoCad based 2D drafting and 3D modeling drawings using the latest drawing standard practices.



Circuit Breaker Coordination Studies

In support of a switchboard or distribution panel project, CPS can perform a circuit breaker coordination study ensuring proper coordination with downstream circuit breakers.

Reliability and Maintainability Analysis

CPS has experience developing reliability analysis down to the LRU component level to support product design.



Short Circuit Analysis

In support of a switchboard  design, CPS can develop a short circuit analysis  by calculating  the maximum available fault current at various points in the ship’s electrical  plant to ensure circuit breakers and other equipment are sized appropriately.


Military Marine Equipment and Technology

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